Friday, July 20, 2007

Running Bases & Smooshing Faces

Nothing interesting to talk about today...but I do have a few pictures I wanted to post:

Andy's parents came to town this week to see a Josh Groban concert. but before they could get out the door, they (and their poor old golden retriever, Daisy) fell prey to Landon's shenanigans and were roped into "Running Bases" in our kitchen for over an hour. Ahhh...what grandparents won't do for their grandchildren! (Disclaimer: While looking at the pictures, please disregard the "lovely" 1980's garden-theme border and co-ordinating green paint in my kitchen--I did not commit that crime! We can all thank the previous owners for that!)

The day after Andy's mom and dad left (probably bruised and exhausted), Landon spent half of the afternoon with the top of his drum smooshed up against his face, chasing me all over the house. He was cracking me (and himself) up and irritating the dogs to no end! with a two-year-old!!

1 comment:

Sharon said...

LOVE the pic 3rd from the bottom! ;)

Landon is more grown up looking in every picture. (stop that, kid!)