Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hello Again to the Two People Who Still Dare Check My Blog! :o)

I just made up the bed with fresh, clean sheets and got too comfortable under them to get up and do anything productive, so I decided to sit here and update my poor, lonely blog. :o)

Tonight, after we craftily coaxed our over-tired son out of the bath he didn't want to get into in the first place, I told Landon playtime was over and this is the conversation that ensued:

Landon: (puckered lips, low serious voice) You. Are. Not. My. Mom. Anymore. (I've been waiting for this "lovely" stage to commence!)

Me: Well, if I'm not your mom, who is going to be your new mom?

Landon: I'm not going to have a mom anymore

Me: Who's mom will I be then? (trying to look forlorn)

Landon: (ponders this a moment) Nobody.

Me: So, you're just going to have a Daddy now and that's it?

Landon: (ponders, looks slightly alarmed, then smiles): No, Mom! You're not going to disappear! You'll still be here...You just won't be my mom. I'm just putting you in time out for tonight and I'll let you out in the morning.

In other news :o)

I am supposed to be in Columbia, SC right now, visiting the in-laws for the Super Bowl (read: the equivalent of Christmas for the Pfaffls), but I didn't make it. The bags were packed into the back of the car and we were on our way, but decided to stop at Whole Foods Market to pick up some healthy snacks to take with us. I went down maybe two aisles and grabbed some produce on the fly, but nothing that would require much exertion and definitely nothing that should have caused any physical illness! Wouldn't you know it, I had a horrible fainting episode on the way out and thought for sure someone was going to have to scrape me off the floor! My heart was going crazy. My legs stopped working. I got so dizzy and nauseated that I couldn't focus my eyes on anything. Somehow, by the grace of God, I made it out to the car, came home, checked my blood sugar (85--good) and...well, you know the rest. After a struggle, I am now snuggled up in my warm bed with my laptop (aka: "pacifier"), blogging!

Not every day is this bad. I have "normal" ones, too. I put "normal" in quotes because I mean normal for the new me--not normal for what I was. I'm still not sure that I'll ever be "old-me-normal" again, but that's really okay. Right now the "new-me-normal" feels pretty fantastic!

We're making great strides with a diagnosis now. I feel like prayers are finally starting to be answered, but I find myself wishing I could hurry the process along (and worrying what they might find...) instead of trusting that God is in control. *sigh*

That's a tough one for me.

I have a new doctor who, if all continues to go well, will be "manning the ship" (as per the recommendation of my last ER doctor). He is an internal medicine specialist and (finally!) seems to be on the same page as me as far as which direction we should go with everything. He already performed and asthma test on me, sent me home with a blood pressure monitor for 24 hours, and set up a glucose tolerance test and a follow-up visit for me. He is patient, very up-to-date with his research on chronic and autoimmune diseases as far as I can see, and, best of all, he EVERYTHING! He doesn't discount what I say. He doesn't tell me I read/research too much--He actually seemed happy with what I've learned. He is totally fine with all of the tests I am having run through my functional medicine "guy" and wants copies of every test we do! I feel like I've hit the jackpot with my doctors right now, which is nothing short of a miracle in and of itself....but I'm feeling like it's going to take another (bigger) miracle to sort through the mess that is my poor exhausted body and make it better...(Seeing a 78/44 blood pressure reading will bring on that kind of overwhelmed feeling).

If I'm looking for a miracle, I'm sure God would appreciate me carrying a little bit of my own weight around here...which means NOT staying up past 12:30 at night blogging when I should be sleeping--ha ha ha! So, I'm off to bed. I'll keep you posted!


Sharon said...

I am so glad your new doctor treats you better!
And the story of Landon is so cute.
Aidan has been doing stuff like that.
Yesterday he was with Pat's parents, and he was sitting w/ Grandma being ever so serious, and asked her why she & Buppa didn't have kids. LOl! He wanted them to have kids so he could play with them.
It was adorable.

Are you out of your time-out now?

Mandy said...

You sure are right...we need to get these rug rats together. :)

So glad you found a doctor!! He sounds wonderful...the kind we should all have!! Keep us posted.

Aunt Jess said...

for the record, there are at least THREE people that still read your blog... :)

Anonymous said...

NEVER give up until you get a diagnosis. I did and spent too many years in uesless anxiety. You are such a lovely dynamic person and should not have to live in disharmony. You have my love and support as you search to find the cause of your imbalance and what will releive it. I hope your new doctor will work tirelessly with you to help you creat optimum health. much love, cousin susan